What Are The Various Options Of The Electric Heaters Available For The People?

If you are looking to buy a new heater or want to replace an old one, there are several ways in which you can heat your home. Most people rely on gas heaters for this purpose because they have been the preferred choice for years. However, as technology develops, so does our ability to make these products better than ever before. One of the latest options is electric heaters, which are now available with various heating elements including ceramic, convection, radiant, or even space heaters. These electric heaters come in many different designs and sizes, but it’s important that you know exactly what each type offers in order to make the right decision. 

Gas Heater Basics 

Most people who use gas heaters will be familiar with their basic features already. Gas heaters generally consist of three main parts: the burner, the venting system, and the tubing. The burner heats up the gas which then flows through the tubing into the venting system. Once inside the venting system, the heated gas mixes with air from the room in which the heater is located. This mixture is then released out into the room via vents placed around the perimeter of the unit. 

While gas heaters work well in most situations, there are several drawbacks to using them. For starters, gas heaters are not as efficient as other types of heat sources. They also require frequent maintenance such as checking the flame level every few days to ensure the safety of the users. Additionally, gas heaters are expensive due to the cost of natural gas. Lastly, gas heaters produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is considered toxic by the EPA and should never be breathed in. Therefore, if you’re considering replacing an older heater with one that uses gas, it’s best to do so only after thoroughly researching the pros and cons of each option. 

Electric Heaters 

Electric heaters, on the other hand, offer many benefits over traditional gas heaters. Some of the advantages include: 

– No carbon monoxide production –

There’s no risk of inhaling poisonous fumes when using an electric heater. Since there is no combustion taking place, there is less chance of producing carbon monoxide which can cause serious health issues. 

– Less maintenance –

While there still needs to be some maintenance done on gas heaters, it’s much easier to keep an electric heater running properly. You won’t need to check the burn level every day like you would with a gas heater. All that’s required is a quick turn on and off. If anything goes wrong with your electric heater, simply call the manufacturer and they will send someone out immediately. With gas heaters, you’ll have to wait and hope that the company has enough employees to handle all calls at once. 

– Affordable –

You’ll find that electric heaters are more affordable to purchase than gas heaters. The average price for an electric heater is $400 while the average price for a gas heater is $700. Of course, this price difference is largely dependent upon the size of the heater that you choose. Larger electric heaters tend to be higher priced than smaller ones. 

There are also a variety of different electric heaters to choose from depending on your needs. It’s easy to learn about the differences between each type of heater so that you know exactly what you want. 

Types of Heaters 

There are two major types of electric heaters: immersion and baseboard. The two types differ slightly in terms of how the heat is generated. In both cases, the heat is generated by electricity passing through a coil of wire. When choosing between the two types of heaters, keep in mind that baseboard heaters are typically more affordable than immersion heaters. 

Immersion heaters use coils of copper wire wrapped around aluminum tubes. This method creates heat by way of resistance. Immersion heaters are great for areas where you don’t want additional wires hanging in the room. Most immersion heaters are designed to fit directly on top of existing electrical outlets. 

Baseboard heaters operate differently, generating heat by conduction. Convection heaters utilize fans to circulate hot air throughout the room. Radiant heaters use infrared rays to emit heat energy. Space heaters use the same principle as convection heaters, however they’re designed to give off heat evenly across a larger area. 

When determining which type of electric heater is right for you, consider the following factors: 

– Size –

The largest electric heated units are usually floor models. Floor models tend to be cheaper and easier to install. Smaller models are often used in rooms that are too small for a large electric heater. 

– Location –

Electric heaters are perfect for spaces that don’t get quite as much sunlight. Typically, electric heaters are ideal for basements, bathrooms, garages, attics, and crawlspaces. 

– Budget –

As mentioned earlier, electric heaters are typically more affordable than gas heaters. However, electric heaters can also be costly depending on the model you choose. 

– Efficiency –

Baseboard heaters tend to be more efficient than immersion heaters. They also provide more consistent heat levels. 

– Safety –

Electric heaters are safer than gas heaters since they don’t release harmful gases. 

– Comfort –

Some people prefer the feel of electric heaters because they aren’t as noisy as gas heaters. 

It’s important that you carefully research each of these points before making a decision regarding which type of electric heater is best for you. 

Choosing A Model 

Once you’ve decided on the type of heater that you’d like to buy, the next step is to determine which model is right for you. To do this, you’ll want to measure the size of the room in which you plan to put the heater. After doing so, compare the measurements to the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. Look for models that are the correct size and fit within your specific requirements. 

After you’ve made the proper selection, it’s worth noting that electric heaters can be customized to any specification. You can pick and choose from a wide range of accessories, colors, and features to create the perfect electric heater for your home. 

With all of these choices, it’s important to understand how each product works so that you can make the best decision possible. Remember that electric heaters can save you money in the long run because they are not as costly as gas heaters. The only drawback to electric heaters is that they aren’t as efficient as gas heaters. However, this shouldn’t discourage anyone from purchasing an electric heater as there are plenty of reasons to do so.

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