How To Survive Playing Golf With The Boss Good Golf Etiquette Essential Tips For The Novice Golfer

Face it, this is crisis time, as an employee you may have spent months trying to impress the boss, and suddenly you are on the threshold of complete embarrassment. But you can survive playing with the boss by following these essential tips for the novice golfer.

Be Prepared – Make Sure you Have the Correct Equipment

The last thing a novice golfer should do is borrow from playing partners. These items might seem small and irrelevant but without them you will look incompetent.

Go to the Pros shop and buy a pencil, tees, an extra dozen balls, a towel, and a cap.

You will be out playing on the course for about five hours and without a hat you might be sitting in the clubhouse later with a face as red as a beetroot.

Buy a ball marker and pitch fork repairer. When the ball lands on the green it makes a small dent – golfers are expected to repair these.

Make sure you have a comfortable pair of golf shoes.

Buy a golf glove – if you are a novice golfer your hands could blister even though you are playing only one round.

If it looks like rain buy an umbrella.

Hire a trolley rather than carry your bag. Generally novice golfers look ungainly carrying a bag, don’t draw extra attention to yourself. You will also preserve energy.

Golf Etiquette to Impress the Boss

As a novice golfer you will struggle to play well, but you can survive playing golf with the boss, even impress him or her, by showing you can cope in times of crisis.

Make sure you know what make and number of ball you are using so you may identify it. If you’re looking in the rough and someone asks which ball you are playing you need to know!

If your first shot ends deep in the rough or trees, allow the boss to help look for a moment, but then explain you’ve bought plenty of balls and you don’t want to disturb his game by making him look for your ball on every hole. Tell him to carry on and you’ll catch up in a minute.

Do not wheel your trolley onto a green or tee. If you are driving a buggy make sure you know if you are allowed to drive on the grass or whether you have to stick to the paths.

If your boss hits a good shot compliment him. If you’re not sure where the ball has gone, don’t say anything. Golfers can get seriously wound up if their ball has sailed into the trees and someone says ‘great shot’!

If the boss asks whether you intend playing again tell him you are going to take lessons.

When on the green and everyone has finished putting, if the flag is lying on the ground near you, make sure you pick it up and replace it in the hole. Don’t leave it to the others all the time.

Take your hat off when you shake hands at the end of the round. Even Tiger Woods does that!

Above All Else Don’t Make Excuses

The last thing any golfer wants to hear is excuses. Hold your head up, smile, and look the day in the eye. Your playing partners will form an opinion of you – but you will survive playing golf with your boss if you show him you can deal with a tough challenge and can manage a crisis.