How To Get More Distance With A Golf Driver Long Hitting Tips

Every golfer would like more distance off the tee and with the correct downswing more club head speed can be generated at impact for extra yards. Follow these golf swing tips and learn how to hit the driver correctly to make golf much easier.

Hit the Driver Correctly for Extra Distance

Hitting a golf driver correctly should be relatively easy compared to hitting an iron. Not only is the ball on a tee but the sweet spot on a modern driver is much larger than on an iron, allowing the golfer a greater margin of error. However, when club golfers stand on the tee trying for a good drive, invariably poor swing technique inhibits them from striking the driver correctly. Following are the main faults when swinging a driver.

  • Trying to hit too hard.
  • Gripping too tight.
  • Keeping the head too still.
  • Not completing the shoulder turn on the backswing.
  • These four points create tension in the swing which directly affects club head speed at impact.

How Tension Affects Distance off the Tee

If tension creeps into the swing it affects a golfer’s ability to create speed. Most golfers tense up even before they start the swing by gripping the club too tightly, which affects how the hands work during the backswing. Tense hands stop a golfer naturally swinging the club onto plane with a smooth wrist hinge. With tension in the hands and arms a golfer has to make an artificial cocking of the wrists half way back which is invariably incorrect.

Tension in the grip also makes the neck muscles tight which keeps the head locked in position which affects an full easy shoulder turn. To hit a driver well, with good swing technique, it is essential to keep tension out of the stance so a relaxed swing can be made. A relaxed swing creates the most club head speed at impact.

Use a Waggle to Keep Tension out of the Golf Stance

The main reason golfers tense up is because they become completely stationary before the swing starts. Nearly all good drivers of the ball keep a modicum of movement in the body right up until they sweep the club away. Many top golfers use a movement called a ‘waggle’ where the hands make a miniture swing and move the club back and forwards. This allows the hands to relax which keeps tension out of the arms and shoulder muscles.

Swing a Driver do not Hit at the Ball

If a golfer can remain relaxed in the golf stance, they have the best chance of a natural swing where the shoulders complete their turn. From a full backswing a golfer will be able to swing down in an unhurried way literally swishing the driver into impact with natural club head speed. It is when a golfer has a backswing full of tension that the shoulders do not turn fully and from a shorter tight backswing most golfers ‘hit at’ the ball in an attempt to create power.

Tips to Hit the Driver Longer

  1. Keep the grip relaxed.
  2. Feel the muscles in the neck are not bunched.
  3. Keep moving before the swing starts – do not become completely stationary.
  4. Remember to ‘swing’ the club and do not ‘hit at’ the ball.