Be The Shine Of The Party With This Essential Tips

Fashion is the art of dressing. It is what you wear that makes you feel good about yourself and helps to express your personality.
The fashion tips are very important as they can help you look stunning every day by selecting the right Cottagecore dress for yourself or for an occasion. You should always dress according to your age, size, body shape, hair colour, style and so on.

It’s a fact that people will judge you based on how well you dress up. If you want to be noticed, then it is essential that you follow some basic rules when choosing outfits.

Make your clothes last

Always try to buy clothes in bulk because when you buy them in small quantities, they tend to get damaged easily. So, buy clothes in bulk and keep them in a safe place at home. Your wardrobe is your best friend. Don’t let it get spoilt. Choose clothes that can last longer than the other ones.

Choose the right fabric and colours

The right fabric and the right colour can make all the difference between looking chic and looking tacky. For instance, if you have chosen a bright pink jacket with light blue jeans, it would look absolutely fabulous. But, if you had worn a dark blue coat over a black top and pants, it would look very dull and boring.

Don’t wear too much makeup

One thing I do not like is wearing too much makeup. When you apply too much makeup, it starts to fade quickly and becomes an eyesore. Try to avoid using too many eyeliner pencils, mascara and lipstick. Wear just one shade of eye liner and lips. This gives a natural look to your face and looks more attractive.

Dress appropriately for an event

If you go out to watch a movie or attend any social gathering, make sure you dress appropriately. Always choose a color that goes well with your skin tone and also matches your mood. The outfits should be comfortable enough to move around in. Wearing tight fitting clothes or dresses can make you look slimmer and gives you a sleek and sexy image. But, if you wear loose-fitting clothes, you may end up feeling uncomfortable while moving around.

Keep your hair neat and tidy

Hair is the first thing everyone notices about you. A messy bun or a frizzy hair can ruin your whole look. Make sure your hair is clean and styled nicely before you step out of the house. This will give you confidence and make you look more beautiful.
Have matching accessories

When you match the color accessories with the colors of your clothing, it makes your whole look complete. A few simple yet stylish pieces can add a lot to your appearance.

Match Your Dresscode with the occasion

You might not be sure about which type of Dresscode to wear on which occasion. Perhabs selecting the right match could be your biggest headache. In such situations you can take help of certain websites or pages on Instagram that provide best Dresscode, colour combination and makeup style for the desired occasion

Know your measurements

Never leave anything to chance. Measure your height, waistline and bustline from time to time. These measurements will help you decide which sizes and styles suit you best. Also, know your shoe size and figure out the correct size of clothes for you.

These are some basic guidelines to remember when buying clothes. However, there are several other things such as your age, body type, weight, etc., that you must consider before getting dressed.

You should never rush into decisions regarding fashion. Once you have decided on what to wear, make sure you follow these common sense fashion tips to look gorgeous.

Following are the 7 most important fashion tips for women.

1. Get a pair of shoes that fit properly. Never wear shoes that are too big or too small. Never buy shoes online unless you are 100 percent sure that you have ordered the right size shoes.
2. Buy clothes in bulk. Clothes are expensive and if you don’t buy them in bulk, you risk spending money unnecessarily. Buying clothes in bulk is a great way to save money and space. You can even buy clothes in multiples of six months.
3. Keep your makeup bag organized. It is advisable to keep your cosmetics in a separate compartment instead of keeping them together with your jewelry or perfumes. This will prevent your makeup from getting contaminated by other items.
4. Know your measurements and have a picture taken. There are certain clothes that require specific measurements. Before going shopping, take a measurement of yourself and compare it with the size labels to ensure that you have got the right size clothes. You could also use a tape measure to check the length of your clothes.

5. Stay away from brands that promise instant results. You should not rush into purchasing something new without trying it on first.
6. Learn how to sew and tailor your own clothing. By tailoring your own clothes, you get to pick the fabrics, patterns and designs that suit you best. Plus, you can also make changes to your clothes whenever you need to.
7. Invest in a quality purse. A good quality handbag will last you a long time. If you carry a designer brand purse, you will not have to worry about replacing it frequently.

Nowadays, almost everything that we buy is available online. So, if you want to learn to sew, you can find plenty of resources online. You can also teach yourself on YouTube or Pinterest. You can also search for professional videos on YouTube. There are a number of websites where you can learn various skills in different fields.