Auto Accident Victim Questions

Before car accident victims does the work of finding qualified attorneys to represent them, these individuals often have some basic legal questions about their situations. The web site seeks to answer some of these questions as part of our overall goal of helping car accident victims with injuries to get access to both adequate treatment and effective advocacy for eventual compensation. Here are some of the questions that you might have if you were recently involved in an accident:

  • Q: Who has a personal injury case in an auto accident?

A: Personal injury lawyers often apply two points as criteria for a car accident case. The first is whether injuries occurred, which can be documented by medical professionals. The second is the causal factor, where the car accident lawyers need to identify a third party who was at fault, or responsible for factors that caused the injury to occur. In a car accident injury case, this is usually the at-fault driver, but in some cases, other third parties share responsibility as well.

  • Q: I was in a car accident: what should I do?

A: Many personal injury lawyers have compiled a thorough checklist of items that are very important for car accident victims to do after the accident happens. These include calling the police and getting a full police report of the accident. The victim should also get contact information for any witnesses, and document damage to the car or vehicle. It helps to document the injuries, taking pictures and keeping a log or journal of pain and symptoms. The victim should also have the insurance information of any at-fault drivers or other drivers involved in the collision. It’s also important to keep all medical bills on file when the car accident victim visits doctor’s offices for evaluation and/or treatment

  • Q: What should I say to the insurance company?

A: The bottom line is that a car accident victim should not say anything to insurance companies until they have talked to a qualified personal injury attorney. This prevents the accident victim from giving up some of their rights in a claim or settlement situation.

  • Q: Why do I need an attorney? Can’t I just deal with the insurance company directly?

A: You might trust your insurance company, but the sad fact is that too many insurers now seek to deflect responsibility for claims in order to boost profits. This means that they may deny claims based on any information they have that could provide doubts about the legitimacy of your injuries or how they were caused. In general, insurance companies do not “play fair” and that’s why so many car accident victims need personal legal representation, not to “conduct a trial,” but just to get a fair settlement or payout.

  • Q: How do I find a good attorney?

A: The web site is a place where accident victims can get free medical consultations as well as free legal consultations. We connect accident victims with local car accident lawyers who will handle their case professionally with the utmost care, and answer their questions about the complexities of today’s insurance and legal systems. Just use the supplied contact form, and we will help you to find the help that you need.